Belleza Mesh Bodies

-Belleza- 1

-Belleza- 2

-Belleza- 3

-Belleza- Venus V3
-Belleza- Venus V3

-Belleza- Isis
-Belleza- Isis

-Belleza- Freya
-Belleza- Freya

For an in-depth look at the HUD’s and such check out MESH BODY ADDICTS!

Hair: little bones. Lush – Nova Faerye
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Orchid (ML) – Ikon Innovia
Body: -Belleza- Venus V3, -Belleza- Isis, -Belleza- Freya NEW!– Tricky Boucher
Skin: {Meghindo’s} ~ Teena ~ – Meghindo Romano
Shape: My Own

Eyes: Mad’ – Pride # 7 eyes – Eve Kazan
Lips: THESKINSHOP (22) (LIPSTICK) ‘Glamazon’ (Petal) – TheShops

Swimsuit: :::Sn@tch Chained Bikin – Ivey Deschanel

Bangles: Pride Bangles – Alex Digfoot
Polish:[IK01] SLink Nails Applier – HappyPride2015 – Shadukha Druart
Shoes: Glamistry : LINARIA Heels – Glamistry

Poses: .[ pose+ivity ]. – Mecca

The uLukie Body is not called the Ghetto Body!

As the title suggests, the new uLukie mesh Bodies are named just that. Yes Ursula Luckless did create the Ghetto Booty, but she also made the Cutie Booty, the BBW booty and the Fitted Mesh booty. The store is named uLukie and the body is of course named after it’s brand, not it’s products. So let’s all not be silly by calling these bodies the “ghetto bodies

If you’ve purchased any [uL] booties in the past then you should expect to receive and updater HUD that one put on will give you whichever mesh body matching the booty you bought. FOR FREE!! YES FREE! If your messages cap, don’t worry Ursula is sending and re-sending and re-sending the updater HUD multiple times to ensure everyone will receive what they need.

For those of you who didn’t have a [uL] booty, the uLukie Body is not instore yet but will be some time over the weekend. You can join the inworld [uL] group or follow Ursula Luckless on FLICKR for updates.

The bodies are OMEGA compatible so no need to buy an OMEGA script it’s already got one and the body does work with old [uL] booty appliers for the bottom.

In this post i’m wearing {Meghindo’s} ~ Sandy ~ skin. FIRST, NO Meghindo’s does not have appliers for the uLukie bodies nor does she have OMEGA appliers. So how am I wearing this skin? If you have {Meghindo’s} Lola appliers then you can use it for the top half of any Omega compatible body. For the bottoms you can use the {Meghindo’s} [uL] skin applier or convert the {Meghindo’s} Phat Azz applier to an OMEGA applier.

Also I’ve seen people complaining that the breasts are “too saggy” well if you like a perkier breast then I recommend getting the uLukie Body – Healthy which is fitted mesh. I personally like that the breasts are a little more realistic, makes me feel better about the sag of my own RL breasts so this doesn’t bother me at all.

uLukie Body ALL side
in order Healthy, Thick, Voluptuous, BBW

uLukie Body ALL front
in order Healthy, Thick, Voluptuous, BBW

uLukie Body ALL back
in order Healthy, Thick, Voluptuous, BBW

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – Coffee – Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE* – Viola Leigh
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Right V2.1 – Siddean Munro
Skin: {Meghindo’s} ~ Sandy ~ Caramel ~ – Meghindo Romano
Shape: My Own

Eyes: .:Glamorize:. Heartbreaker Eyeliner – Yoko Leeeroy
Lips: .:Glamorize:. Nouveau Lips – Wine – Yoko Leeeroy

Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Briony: Black Set – Mariska Simons

Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci Orlando Pump – Collection @Uber – Eboni Khan

If you bought the [uL] Ghetto Booty No.01 you will receive the uLukie Body – Voluptuous
uLukie Body - Voluptuous

If you bought the [uL] Ghetto Booty No.02 you will receive the uLukie Body – Thick
uLukie Body - Thick

If you bought the [uL] Ghetto Booty No.03/BBW Booty you will receive the uLukie Body – BBW
uLukie Body - BBW

If you bought the [uL] Fitted Mesh Booty No.01/Cutie Booty you will receive the uLukie Body – Healthy
uLukie Body - Healthy

Slink Physique

Lingerie and Skins for the new Slink Physique

Slink Physique

  1. Hair: Exile – Kavar Cleanslate
  2. Skin: Izzie’s – Izzie Button
  3. Lingerie: ::HH:: Hucci Lace Shelf Set – eboni.khan
  4. Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci – eboni.khan
  1. Hair: little bones. – nova.faerye
  2. Skin: Modish – ele.brandi
  3. Lingerie: * Morphine : Fujin Clothing Appliers I – Ydreece Forster
  4. Shoes: MODA – eonla
  1. Hair: little bones. – nova.faerye
  2. Skin: *YS & YS* – Monicuzza Babenco
  3. Lingerie: ::GLAM:: Sexy Lace Band Top & ::GLAM:: Sexy Underwear – Lace Bottom – Bradley69 Silverblade
  4. Shoes: MODA – eonla

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02

So after talking a bunch on Facebook about the new Ghetto Booty No.02 I decided a post was necessary to show the differences. I thought the only difference really was that it was 0 belly fat and 0 body fat but there are more then just that. Much like with the Phat/Cute Azz’s I think these are made for two different body types. The Ghetto Booty No.01 IMO is meant for thicker curvier bodies and the Ghetto Booty No.02 is meant for much more petite frames. The main debate I saw on different FB posts were that the legs on No.02 were not thick enough and looked out of proportion so I tried it on my regular shape and turned the sliders to 0 body fat, o belly fat and yes it does look out of proportion, not because the Booty is made badly but because my shape is too thick for it making it look a little crazy like chicken legs. Then I tried it on a much smaller shape, an xxs shape by [ b a h o l i ] made to fit xxs mesh and the Booty No.02 looks great with it, it looks proportioned and the legs fit the body! SO if you were excited about the new Ghetto Booty No.01 but still felt like it was too big for your petite body then I say run and demo the Ghetto Booty No.02 and see if that is what you were looking for. I’ll bet that it is.

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_shapes
Here you see Ghetto Booty No.02 on my regular shape on the left, the legs look a little whacked, on the right is [ b a h o l i ] – Zoe (NEW!)– Size XXS, this shape fits much better and the legs now look normal

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_1
One of the things I heard was that the hips on Ghetto Booty No.02 look curvier then on Ghetto Booty No.01 I’m not sure that is really the case, I think that because the body fat is down to 0 on my curvy thick shape, yes the hips do appear curvier since the waist is smaller and the legs are thinner.

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_2
There is a difference here though, the No.02 has a much tighter and smaller behind

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_3
Still they both have the same nice rounded shape

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_4

and there you have it, check out the NEW Ghetto Booty No.02 by Ursula Luckless

Hair: Truth
Skin: Meghindo’s
Lingerie: Izzie’s
Lips: Pink Acid

Ms. New Booty

So you either love them or you hate them, but I LOVE mesh booties! I have a small collection going on and if anyone makes another new one I will probably get that one too!

A new mesh butt called the Ghetto Booty was just released by Ursula Luckless and so I decided I should do a post to show what’s available in the mesh ass department.

There are the Phat Azz and Cute Azz which will probably always be my faves, the NEW [UL] Ghetto Booty which has smaller hips than the Phat Azz but a nice round booty and then there are SKING Brazilia butts which come in a wide range of sizes, there are just too many for me to even show but the one I did get was the smallest one available which is still pretty sizable called the Brazila XS. The great thing about SkING and [UL] is that it’s pretty easy to convert Phat Azz appliers to work for these so no need to wait for everyone to make new appliers for them. [UL] comes with an applier HUD while for the SKING Brazilia you’ll have to buy a separate converter.

I’m still mostly always going to stay with azz’s but it’s nice to have other options as well.

Get your butts here Phat Azz and Cute Azz / [UL] Ghetto Booty / SKING Brazilia

Skin: ITgirls
Lingerie: Izzie’s
Lips: Pink Acid

Mesh Butts 1

Mesh Butts 2

Mesh Butts 3

Mesh Butts 4

Gettin my Lola’s on

It’s true I have also fallin in love with the new mesh Lola’s and thankfully many of my favorite skin creators have made appliers for them!

Meghindo's ~ Lolas Tango
Lingerie: TSG
Skin: Meghindo’s

Aeva Lolas Tango
Hair: .lamb
Lingerie: *Boom
Skin: Aeva

Izzie's Lolas Tango
Hair: Truth
Lingerie: *Boom
Skin: Izzie’s

la petite morte birgit Lolas Tango
Hair: Vanity Hair
Bottom: *Boom
Skin: .la petite morte.