[AK] Mesh Head Aurora + (BENTO)

Playing around with more Akeruka Bento heads, really excited for Bento. Here I’ve shown the Akeruka Aurora head in the original version and my modified Bento version. Also DyVersatile Skins has upgraded a ton of skins with Omega Huds, with brow and no brow versions so they are compatible with Catwa, Akeruka, LOGO, LAQ and any other Omega Mesh head available. I really love how these skins look on the various Akeruka heads.

[AK] Mesh Head Aurora Vers. 1.5 (BENTO)

Hair: Stealthic – Sanctuary NEW! – Stealthic 
Eyes: -SU!- Yuna Eyes Eleanor Cyberstar
Lashes: ::SG:: AKLashe6 for Akeruka Heads Only! – SlackGirl
Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty BODY v3.1 – Fizz Savira
Head: [AK] Mesh Head Aurora Vers. 1.3 & 1.5 (BENTO) KaoZ Koba
Skin: DyVersatile Skins Nicole Skin – Lyrics Landar 

Eyes: ::SG:: Dalya Shadow for Akeruka Heads – SlackGirl
Lips: ::SG:: Milly Lips for Akeruka HEADS ONLY! – SlackGirl

[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection

[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection
[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection @ Cosmetic Fair Gachalicious

[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection_01
[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection_02
[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection_03
[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection_04

Hair: little bones. Hexxed @ Collabor88 – Nova Faerye
Head: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce – theshops
Eyebrows: [theSkinnery] Brow Palette (TheMeshProject) @ Chapter 4 – Umazuma Metaluna
Skin: [theSkinnery] Lilith (TMP) @ Collabor88 – Umazuma Metaluna
Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Runa Top Maitreya – Potion Nude @ Collabor88 – Fae Eriksen

NOX. @ Hello Sunshine

Skin: Modish Lessie – Ele Brandi
Hair: Exile
Lingerie: BlackLace
Eyes: Just Magnetized – Basic eyes
Jewelry: MONS MESH – Bindi – Ekilem Melodie

NOX. @ Hello Sunshine – Olyvia Stratten & Anya Mcconach

NOX. Lash Liner
NOX. Lash Liner – olyvia.stratten

NOX. Dolly Lip
NOX. Dolly Lip – anya.mcconach

Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014 – Just Magnetized

Skin: Modish NEW!
Freckles: Just Magnetized
Hair: Truth, Exile
Lingerie: Blacklace

Just Magnetized Cosmetic Fair – Justyna Magne

Just Magnetized - Natural Hairbase
Just Magnetized – Natural Hairbase 1 & 2

Just Magnetized - Diva Brows Tintable
Just Magnetized – Diva Brows Tintable

Just Magnetized - Diva Brows
Just Magnetized – Diva Brows

Cosmetic Fair Spring 2014 – [KoKoLoReS]

Hair: MAG @ Cosmetic Fair
Skin: Zoul Creations
Lingerie: Blacklace
Tattoo: [kharma]
Eyes & Makeup: [KoKoLoReS] @ Cosmetic Fair

[KoKoLoReS] – Leyla Flux & Sisch Firecaster

[KoKoLoReS] BP - Rainbow Eyeshadows
[KoKoLoReS] BP – Rainbow Eyeshadows

[KoKoLoReS]BP -Eyeliner Collection -The Flip
[KoKoLoReS]BP -Eyeliner Collection -The Flip

[KoKoLoReS]BP -Shimmer Lipsticks
[KoKoLoReS]BP -Shimmer Lipsticks

[KoKoLoReS]BP -Spring Gloss lipstick
[KoKoLoReS]BP -Spring Gloss lipstick

Skin Fair 2014 – no. 7

Hair: ploom
Lingerie: Sn@tch

no. 7 – Shortcake Sugarplum

Skin Fair 2013 – Sim 1
Skin Fair 2013 – Sim 2
Skin Fair 2013 – Sim 3

no. 7 Circus Boop
no. 7 Circus

no. 7 Fantasy Makeups
no. 7 Fantasy Makeups

no. 7 Netting Masks
no. 7 Netting Masks

no. 7 pop art
no. 7 pop art


no. 7 strawberry shortcake lipsticks
no. 7 strawberry shortcake lipsticks