Hair: Exile:: Daelyn – Kavar Cleanslate
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4 – eBODY
Head: [AK ADVX] – Lia Head – KaoZ Koba
Lashes: SlackGirl :: ADVX Lash 30 Set (3 Lashes) – SlackGirl
Eyes: Avi-Glam Luminescence Eyes – 08 – C – Eye Daddy
Skin: { Pity Party } HD Lelutak Evo X { Chocolate } – Grace Blackwood
Body Skin: VELOUR: Picasso Babe Skin for Reborn (JUICY/CHOCOLATE) – Kiria Mama

Eye Makeup: **Pocket Mirrors** 2020s_EvoX-BoM_EYESHADOW_StarryEyes_Violet – Alair Cortes
Tattoo: “Raven Witch” by Garden of Ku @ Kinky – danel Kurosawa

Outfit: Cynful Curve You High Set – Cynthia XOXO

Earrings: -SU!- Disaster Earrings – Eleanor Hexem
Bracelets: – sixx – Jelly Bracelets – Spooky Pumpkins
Rings & Nails: LIVIA Laylani Rings & Nails – Ayanna Breen

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Night Alleyway 2 – Drew Sunflowerc



Hair: FAGA – Maia Hairstyle – FAGAHair
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4 – eBODY
Head: [AK ADVX] – Maria Head NEW! – KaoZ Koba
Eyes: Avi-Glam Sincere Eyes – BoM – 03 – B – Eye Daddy
Lashes: SlackGirl :: ADVX Tintable Lashes G-01 – SlackGirl
Skin: amara beauty – Aurelia Brownie – NO BROWS @ ACCESS – Shana Banana
Body Skin: Hoodlem – v7 Redbone Overlay Enhancement – DeannaNaFreak

Eyes: AFRO QUEEN COSMETICS :: BOM 59 ADVX-EVOX Shad 07 – SlackGirl
Brows: Nuve. Avery Eyebrows v4 black – Evo X – Veronika Blackwood
Tattoo: Hoodlem – Toe Markings Tattoo x Fresh, Rose Tattoo x Fresh – DeannaNaFreak

Outfit: [Hilly Haalan] Mydra Top REBORN JUICY – Hilly Haalan
Shoes: -KC- ELISE HEELS – Klari55a

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Bannister Hall – Drew Sunflower



Hair: Wasabi // Mersia Hair – MissAllSunday Lemon
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3 – eBODY
Head: [AK ADVX] – Giulia Head – KaoZ Koba
Lashes: SlackGirl COSMETICS :: ADVX Lash 39 – SlackGirl
Eyes: Avi-Glam Occult Eyes – BoM – 27 @ Salem – Eye Daddy
Skin: .Hation. Indigo skin SIENNA – H0neyPot
Body Skin: Hoodlem – v7 Cream Overlay Enhancement – DeannaNaFreak


Eyes: Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Mermaid Eyeshadow silver (dark) – Izzie Button
Lips: Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Mermaid Lipstick purple (dark) 75% – Izzie Button
Tattoo: Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Mermaid Scales silver (light), Body Mermaid Scales silver (light) – Izzie Button

Outfit: Cynful Anesthasia Chain Set – Cynthia XOXO
Shoes: [WellMade] Eilidh Heels – Thidelly

Nails: LIVIA Mix It PRO HUD // Net Frenchies (Pink/Purple) – Ayanna Breen

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Aurora 3 @ Equal10 – Drew Sunflower

[AK ADVX] – Matilde Head

[AK ADVX] - Matilde Head

Hair: Exile:: Deila – Kavar Cleanslate
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3 – eBODY
Head: [AK ADVX] – Matilde Head NEW! – KaoZ Koba
Lashes: SlackGirl :: ADVX Lash 32 – SlackGirl
Eyes: Avi-Glam Diamond Eyes – BoM – 08 – B – Eye Daddy
Skin: The Face: *Kahara* for Evo X (BROWNIE) @ Dubai – NatalieWells

Lipstick: SlackGirl :: NHDLips 01 ADVX – SlackGirl
Tattoo: Hoodlem – Peonies Chest Tattoo x Fresh – DeannaNaFreak

Outfit: [WellMade] Naiomi Romper – Thidelly

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver



Hair: LeLUTKA EvoX.Hairbase.138 (m) – Jaden Nova
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3 – eBODY
Head: [AK ADVX] – Andro Head (F) – KaoZ Koba
Lashes: SlackGirl :: ADVX Lash 30 Set – SlackGirl
Ears: :ANDORE: – ears – PIXIE – C (f) [L.E.X] – ArtemZgursky
Eyes: Avi-Glam Succubus Eyes – BoM – 19 @ ACCESS – Eye Daddy
Skin: amara beauty – Tamira Chocolate – Shana Banana


Tattoo: “Kichijoten” by Garden of Ku @ Kinky – danel Kurosawa

Top: [BB] Sporty Bikini – TOP EBODY Reborn Event – Belzebubble
Bottoms: Elune. Kate Skirt EBODY Reborn Event – karen Xaron
Shoes: [DDL] Says @ FLF BDay Bash – Melina Anatine


Earrings: :ANDORE: – :ear-acc: – Snake Crystal (f) [L.E.X] – ArtemZgursky
Glasses: The Horror!~ Diamante Frames – Gold @ FLF BDay Bash – Horrorz Bunny
Bag: [DDL] Who @ FLF BDay Bash – Melina Anatine
Nail Polish: (E – Eventyra Nail HUD – Reborn – Natural Tones – Eventyra

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: Synnergy.Tavis//Tavis Bar [360] Backdrop @ Them Event – Synnergy Mystic

PRIMA Femme by Fizz Savira

Prima will be available for purchase October 1st @ Fameshed

Prima Femme is available 3 version, Busty, Petite and Elite which contains both breast sizes.

Two versions of the body are included in each package.
Regular low lag body which includes the applier layer.
LITE body which is a lower lag body without the applier layer.
Only wear one at a time!

No alphas are included or necessary!
You MUST NOT wear a full body alpha with Prima bodies!
Whether you use a BOM skin or an applied skin your Prima body will hide your classic body automatically!

Body HUD
The Body HUD settings section can be used to get links to documentation, flickr, the SL update group and the Discord server for Prima.

BOM Nipple Tattoos
These are boxed – ADD the box and unpack to receive 24 modifiable BOM nipple tattoos and a helpful notecard.

Classic Foot shaper
This will hide BOM “shoes” (not the sock wearable!) and adjust your overall height to reduce the likelihood you will sink into terrain.

A free bikini
Bikini top, thong and HUD with 8 fabric options.

Sample body shapes
We have created several different themed shapes that work with a selection of popular mesh heads in SL.

Breast physics
A few breast physics wearables that we’ve found to be a natural addition to body shaping.

-Fizz Savira
FlickrFlickr GroupDiscordSLURL
PRIMA Femme Elite v1.0

Hair: FAGA – Kimi Hairstyle – FAGAHair
Body: *PRIMA* Femme Elite v1.0.220825 Oct. 1st @ Fameshed – Fizz Savira
Head: [AK ADVX] – MeiLin Head – KaoZ Koba
Eyes: Avi-Glam Rogue Eyes – BoM – 10 – Eye Daddy
Skin: Diamond Beauty PING – TEA – Bellz Loxely

Outfit: *PRIMA* Tropikini – Fizz Savira
Shoes: -KC- [MAITREYA] -KC- NEDIS PUMPS – Klari55a

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Glitzz (Neon Set) – Nya Littlepaws



Hair: Wasabi // Aliana Hair  – MissAllSunday Lemon
Body: -Kalhene- ERIKA Mesh Body BoM v3.4 – Claudia Urdaneta
Body Add Ons – -Kalhene- ERIKA Bubble Boobs MORPH – Claudia Urdaneta
Head: [AK ADVX] – Miriam Head – KaoZ Koba
Lashes: SlackGirl :: ADVX Lash 30 Set – SlackGirl
Eyes: Avi-Glam Editorial Eyes – BoM – 10 @ ANTHEM – Eye Daddy
Skin: The Face: *Kahara* for Evo X (CHOCOLATE) @ Dubai – NatalieWells
Body Skin: Hoodlem – v6.2 Brownie Body Enhancement, Toe Shine/Detail Enhancement x Brownie 70% – DeannaNaFreak


Brows: ALT3 > Bella BOM Brows > Umber @ THE FIFTY – Femme Daddy
Makeup: *Booty’s Beauty* Anuli Eyeshadow 8 + Anuli Lips Size 1 3 – Booty
Tattoo: Hoodlem – Carti Tattoo Fullbody x Fresh – DeannaNaFreak

Outfit + Hat: .QUEENZ. Cabana – MrsHoodRoyal
Shoes: -KC- GENEVIA HEELS – Klari55a

Drink: ChicChica Bourbon with cig – Lilo Denimore
Earrings: [Yomi] Precious Petals Plugs @ THE FIFTY – Naku Voxel
Choker: REIGN.– TATTOO CHOKER – KenadeeCole
Shades: EQUAL – Kelsy Sunglasses @ THE FIFTY – Blue Absinthe
Bag: [DDL] Bliss @ THE FIFTY – Melina Anatine
Rings: LIVIA Night Bento Rings – Ayanna Breen
Nails: LIVIA Mix It PRO HUD // Millie – Ayanna Breen

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Colorful Backdrop RARE – Ors Quan



Hair: *Vanity Hair*:Fifteen – Tabata Jewell
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3 – eBODY
Body Add Ons – REBORN Juicy Boobs by eBODY – eBODY + MAZE.mods – Soft Thighs mod – Teia Ravenhurst
Head: [AK ADVX] – Luna Head – KaoZ Koba
Lashes: SlackGirl :: ADVX Lash 30 Set – SlackGirl
Eyes: Avi-Glam Editorial Eyes – BoM – 10 @ ANTHEM – Eye Daddy
Skin: Diamond Beauty ERICKA MOCHA – Bellz Loxely

Booty's Beauty [Lel Evo X BOM] Thundara Makeup

Makeup: *Booty’s Beauty* Thundara Lips 7 + Eyeshadow – Booty
Body: Diamond Beauty HIGHLIGHTS – MOCHA + BOOTY STETCH MARKS – MOCHA – Bellz Loxely
Tattoo: Hoodlem – Takashi Neck Tattoo + Inaya Thigh Tattoo – DeannaNaFreak

Outfit: [Hilly Haalan] Shania Top – Hilly Haalan
Shoes: -KC- AMIRA BOOTS – Klari55a


Drink: Junk Food – Rocky Top Whiskey V2 – Radiomodee
Garters: CryBunBun – Motherly Love Garters – mariana Mapochi
Nails: Avada~ Square Nails – Curves Gold @ BIGGIRL – Stephanie Hexem

Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: Synnergy//Poster Wall Backdrop – Synnergy Mystic



Hair: Ade – Dear Society – AdeDarma
Body: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body (Redux) V4.2.1 – Siddean Munro
Head: [AK ADVX] – Luna Head – KaoZ Koba
Eyes: Avi-Glam Rogue Eyes – BoM – 08 @ TMD – Eye Daddy
Skin: Skindustrial Bodyworks Leilani Skin – Face – 04 – Zinti

Eye Liner: Skindustrial Bodyworks Sunset Eyeshadow – Liner Only – EvoX BOM – Zinti
Body: Skindustrial Bodyworks Leilani Body Highlights – Zinti

Top: Cinnamon & Chai – Open Back Top – Siddean Munro
Bottoms: .: vive nine :. Dangerously Fringey Jeans Grey / Dark – Sanya Bilavio
Shoes: ONE – Creations-Serenity Heels – Dequan Warren

Drink: MONA– SplashWater Bottle – Monarock220
Piercing: -SU!- Nose Piercing Set 02 TWS Gift – Eleanor Hexem
Choker: RAWR! Dark Arts Choker – Circe Boucher
Bag: .: ryvolter :. 25cm Kellie Bag – Blanc @ Tres Chic  – Sanya Bilavio
Rings: LIVIA Raina Rings – Ayanna Breen
Nails: [LERONSO] Mesh stiletto nails “French” – Atimoya


Poses: STUN Poses – patricksillver
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Mily Cafe Backdrop – Ors Quan

Diamond Beauty ERICKA

Head: LeLutka Evo X & Evo X Compatible heads
Tones: 7
Mainstore or Marketplace: Diamond Beauty by Bellz Loxely

Diamond Beauty ERICKA

Hair: Wasabi // Pink Beanie Ed. Hair  – MissAllSunday Lemon
Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3 – eBODY
Heads: LeLUTKA by Jaden Nova & [AK ADVX] by KaoZ Koba
Eyes: IKON Ascension Redux Eyes (BOM) – Tartarus – Ikon Innovia
Skin: Diamond Beauty ERICKA – Bellz Loxely

Tattoo: “Uadyet” by Garden of Ku @ Kinky – danel Kurosawa

Top: [Hilly Haalan] Shania Top – Hilly Haalan