Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02

So after talking a bunch on Facebook about the new Ghetto Booty No.02 I decided a post was necessary to show the differences. I thought the only difference really was that it was 0 belly fat and 0 body fat but there are more then just that. Much like with the Phat/Cute Azz’s I think these are made for two different body types. The Ghetto Booty No.01 IMO is meant for thicker curvier bodies and the Ghetto Booty No.02 is meant for much more petite frames. The main debate I saw on different FB posts were that the legs on No.02 were not thick enough and looked out of proportion so I tried it on my regular shape and turned the sliders to 0 body fat, o belly fat and yes it does look out of proportion, not because the Booty is made badly but because my shape is too thick for it making it look a little crazy like chicken legs. Then I tried it on a much smaller shape, an xxs shape by [ b a h o l i ] made to fit xxs mesh and the Booty No.02 looks great with it, it looks proportioned and the legs fit the body! SO if you were excited about the new Ghetto Booty No.01 but still felt like it was too big for your petite body then I say run and demo the Ghetto Booty No.02 and see if that is what you were looking for. I’ll bet that it is.

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_shapes
Here you see Ghetto Booty No.02 on my regular shape on the left, the legs look a little whacked, on the right is [ b a h o l i ] – Zoe (NEW!)– Size XXS, this shape fits much better and the legs now look normal

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_1
One of the things I heard was that the hips on Ghetto Booty No.02 look curvier then on Ghetto Booty No.01 I’m not sure that is really the case, I think that because the body fat is down to 0 on my curvy thick shape, yes the hips do appear curvier since the waist is smaller and the legs are thinner.

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_2
There is a difference here though, the No.02 has a much tighter and smaller behind

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_3
Still they both have the same nice rounded shape

Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02_4

and there you have it, check out the NEW Ghetto Booty No.02 by Ursula Luckless

Hair: Truth
Skin: Meghindo’s
Lingerie: Izzie’s
Lips: Pink Acid

2 thoughts on “Ghetto Booty 01 vs 02

  1. I hope it works for me. A month ago I had purchased a Cute Azz, had troubles with the torso of my original avatar hanging over in a jagged curve. Plus, within that month and a half, I had not received any reply when asking for support.


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