Whats In A Name?

Whenever i see someone in SL i always wonder why they chose that name. Not in a bad just in a curious way since in SL we can choose what to be called. I always love it when i see such a creative name that i’m jealous i didnt think of it.

My name well its simple. i had a cat(Yes i am a crazy cat lady) named Sid, after Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. Well Sid meant alot to me and i really believe that he was my Soul Mate. Sounds crazy? Yes, Probably, I Dont Care i really believe it. We had a bond that can’t even be described. But i wont get all mushy about it. Unfortunately Sid passed, and i still miss him like crazy.

Fast foward to when i created my SL Av. I wanted a name that was cool of course and something gender neutral in case i wanted to be a boy lol. & Sydd was born. i chose Sinister as my last name because i think it fits me perfectly. If you only knew…. 😉

❤ Sydd

5 thoughts on “Whats In A Name?

  1. You’re a crazy cat lady too? Come round to mine..I’ll introduce you to my six..oh, and my doggy too:)
    And I know what you mean about when you lose a special cat…I have two that I miss every single day…



  2. when I found sl, my ragdoll cat “sky” was sitting next to me. Hence “skycat”, my nephew is an Army Ranger. Hence: “ranger” lol fyi


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