Purple is definitely my favorite color and this jacket by .::A.Y.Y::. is the perfect shade of Royalness. Along with some of my other new favorite items, Color changing heels by *Dilly Dolls*, [LCKY] hair that was a free group gift. I really need it in many more colors & Skull ring by ::Yellow Jester:: i’ve been wearing it with just about everything lately. I got it during  the Twisted Hunt and took me forever to find that little red box. i walked passed it so many times before finding it but while i was searching i found this ring it come in your choice of Diamond, Emerald & Ruby for whatever your feeling that day. The white tank under is from Emery and is definitely a basic i cannot live without. Satin pants are from Little Rebel Designs who is sadly going out of business and is have  $25L sale so i think i bought just about everything in the store. I found Little Rebel too late but i’m glad i found them before it dessapeared off the grid forever.




  • Eyes: .::PeppermintBlue::. Realistic Eyes05
  • Hair: [LCKY] Paige
  • Nails: CaNDy NaiL
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: -SKANDALOOSE- Eva Cofee


  • Shirt: Emery
  • Jacket: .::A.Y.Y::. Jays Jacket
  • Pants: Little Rebel


  • Necklace: Magika
  • Ring: ::Yellow Jester::
  • Shoes: *Dilly Dolls* Janie
  • Poses: [LAP]

Dirty Girl

A bit of Green. St Patty’s Day is coming soon

[Outfit Details]

  • Jeans: The Abyss
  • Shirt: DJunk
  • Hair: Mia Snow
  • Scarf: Atomic
  • Earrings: Kosh
  • Bracelets: Atomic, Kosh
  • Ring: Yellow Jester
  • Shoes: Maitreya
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: [42] Filth Tan
  • Nails: Cipher‘s Dexter Nails
  • Pose: [LAP]
  • Atomic Shoulder Kitty



[Outfit Details]

  • Dress: Little Rebel Designs
  • Hair: Magika Poof
  • Piercings: [VonD], Neko Wonderland
  • Eyes: Droid Eyes TRULL
  • Tattoos: Red Ruin
  • Necklace: Magika
  • Earrings: PRIMALOT
  • Ring: Yellow Jester, PRIMALOT
  • Bracelets: ShenS
  • Nails: Chai
  • Shoes: Schadenfreude
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: Curio
  • Pose: **RaySkin**