Got Me Sum Nu Hurr

Just a few new styles i really wanted to mention as they have become my favorites lately.

First is the Paige Hair by [LCKY] i mentioned in my last post. i just really really love this hair. It come in 5 colors shown here in 4 of them. Black, Blonde, Br0wn & Red, excluding the Grey/Silver because i didnt buy it.This is a hairstyle i had been searching for in SL and although i have alot that are similar, this is by far my fave.

[LCKY] Paige Hair

Next up is a hair i receieved from Designer Seseragi Beck of Hair Influence. Excited i put on the hair and immediately loved it. & then immediately wished my friend had been online because this hair is exactly what she’s been looking for in SL. Shes very picky about long flexi hair and i knew when she saw this, she’d want it right away. Its sleek and shiny and ive been wearing it alot. I TP’ed over to the shop because i had never been there before and found a bunch of other styles i loved(will blog later). I also love the names of the hair. This one is called =Just Breathe=. A few of my faves in the shop were Breakout, Sala and My Happy Ending. Shown here =Just Breathe= in Shiny Blonde & Bitter Chocolate.

Thanks Seseragi!

Hair Influence = Just Breathe=

And last but definitely not least is a hair i found kinda by 6 degrees of seperation lol. I was reading Khitten Kurka’s blog and saw her post on Kiko Life, Now Who’s Got Style?. I grabbed a bunch of demo shapes from Kiko, one i will be getting very soon. While there i checked out some of the places they reccomend. One of them being Street Dermatology. So i went there, grabbed a bunch of skin and hair demos when i noticed the camping chairs. I usually am not a big fan of camping chairs, mostly because i have no patience at all but i decided to go ahead and camp. There are different prizes and you can choose which prize you’d like to camp for. I chose the Lovelylicious NAPtual Hair. and after 100 mins, Here it is. and i am IN LOVE!

❤ Sydd

Street Dermatology Lovelylicious NAPtual Hair_002

Skin: *CUPCAKES – Seduction – Wheat & Sambuca – Easter Egg Skin
Tattoo: Amplify Knuckle Duster
Bikini Top: FireFlies Novella Latex Skull bikini top
Jeans: Refuge
Nails: Limited Edition Rock Me Amadeus by Candy Nail