@~Tea Lane~

@~Tea Lane~

@~Tea Lane~

I came to get this cute Cake hat for $2L and an S appeared on the Lucky Chair. ~TL~ Treacle Skin-Torley. I love that i one a nice chocolate shade!!

@~Tea Lane~

Close Up of the skin. ~TL~ Treacle Skin – Torley
@~Tea Lane~


Dirty Girl

A bit of Green. St Patty’s Day is coming soon

[Outfit Details]

  • Jeans: The Abyss
  • Shirt: DJunk
  • Hair: Mia Snow
  • Scarf: Atomic
  • Earrings: Kosh
  • Bracelets: Atomic, Kosh
  • Ring: Yellow Jester
  • Shoes: Maitreya
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: [42] Filth Tan
  • Nails: Cipher‘s Dexter Nails
  • Pose: [LAP]
  • Atomic Shoulder Kitty



[Outfit Details]

  • Dress: Little Rebel Designs
  • Hair: Magika Poof
  • Piercings: [VonD], Neko Wonderland
  • Eyes: Droid Eyes TRULL
  • Tattoos: Red Ruin
  • Necklace: Magika
  • Earrings: PRIMALOT
  • Ring: Yellow Jester, PRIMALOT
  • Bracelets: ShenS
  • Nails: Chai
  • Shoes: Schadenfreude
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: Curio
  • Pose: **RaySkin**

Kyuzo Setsuko

ive had a male Alt for as long as Ive been Sydd, but i never played him up until recently. once i got a look at his still N00bish self i knew a makeover was in desperate need.

but my Alt Kyuzo has no $L and while Sydd was generous and kicked him down a few, he still had to be a savvy ultra budget shopper because well, he doesnt get out much

so i am pleased at how he came out. everything was either free or super cheapie. introducing Kyuzo Setsuko!

Jeans: Little Rebel Designs
Shirt: Gritty Kitty
Hair: Rock Candy – Flexy Hiding Hair
Eyes: MADesigns
Scarf: Gritty Kitty
Gloves: MadeForYou
Shoes: (Shiny Things)
Shape: Cyanide – Elston
Skin: (Lf0) Rawk Out in Light Tan

and well this post needs some Me in it

Jeans: Red Ruin
Shirt: SiniStyle
Hair: Katat0nik – Lolli
Eyes: /Wasabi Pills/
Necklace: HeartXCore
Shoes: Schadenfreude
Shape: Superstar Shapes Clarissa Modified
Skin: Amplify Misfits Skin(which is my favorite skin in the whole Grid right now)