About My Second Life

I spend alot of my days in SL shopping, pretty much the same as RL he he. I spend many many Lindens on Hair, Skin & Poses mostly & of course Clothes, Shoes and what have you.

This blog is about what i like, and its all my own opinion. I do not claim to be a Fashionista or even “in the no” about fashion. I just like what i like. and I like sharing it with you.

Most of the time My Avatar is African American, Light Skin as a reflection of my RL self. Sydd is VERY curvy and sometimes VERY FlUFFY. That is the Av that represents my RL self, but who doesn’t like to play dress up? So you may see her change shapes and races but it is all beautiful to me.

I’m also a bit Morbid *coughALOTcough* so be warned hehe!

❤ Sydd

Second Life Resident since 10/03/07

10 thoughts on “About My Second Life

  1. DUDE YOU ARE FUCKIN SICK!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR WORK!! looking at alot of the girls clothing and hairstyles make me wanna go out and look like that too! how do you do this stuff????


  2. Your Blog has helped me to understand SL sooo much more. The fact that you have the ability to add and edit each part of your body was so confusing to me, but reading through your blog and a few others I found(probably sad that I had to research this hard, lol), I understand a lot more. The hard part now, is piecing myself together, lol! Thanks sooo much<3 xoxo


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