Skin Within Makeup

well the SL Beta Viewer 2.0 is a pain in the ass. it’s almost like starting all over. BUT the tattoo layer, atleast for me, makes up for all of that. First how great is it to have tattoos on their on layer so you can wear all you clothing layers. Since the tattoo layer also works on the face that means separate makeups that can be worn with skins you already own, and new skins to come. I’m really excited about the fact that it can breathe new life into older skins that i still love but aren’t being made anymore. it really opens up a world of new possibilities for SL creators. Ayesha Bisiani of Skin Within has created 12 new makeups on the tattoo layer plus 3 gift makeups! but it’s really more then that. each make up set comes with a full make up, just the lips and just the eyes. so you can wear these make up with so many skin  with makeup and create endless looks. i’ve shown them here on a natural skin though. I’ve shown the eye makeup with some of my other favorite skins. Demos are available so please do try the demos before buying.

Skin Within NoMakeupSaba Skin NoMakeup

Skin Within Full MakeupSkin Within Full Makeups

Skin Within LIPS MakeupSkin Within Makeups Lips Only

Skin Within EYES MakeupSkin Within Makeups Eyes Only
Shown With: *CUPCAKES*, [KA], Free Speerit, Sn@tch, Idiosyncrasy, MAI, Rockberry, *CUPCAKES*

Skin Within Gift MakeupSkin Within Gift Makeups (Full Makeups ONLY)

|Style Info|

Tattoo Layer: [SW] Makeup
Eyes: <LF CHAI Eyes> Gray 01
Shape: My Own
Skin: [SW] Saba NoMakeup

Lingerie: *Crazy* Valentine’s Gift

Piercings: {GG.S} Cheek Labrets – Silver, [Von D] Face Bite.
Tattoo: :Little Pricks: Fetish Queen

Poses: {SMS}