Nails Did #1 ft. SlackGirl

SG Nails 4

Nails: SlackGirl MESH Nails NEW! SlackGirl
Rings: SlackGirl Celtic MESH rings BENTO NEW! SlackGirl

SG Nails 3

SG Nails 2

SG Nails 1

Shown on TUTY Bento fem Hand 2.0 – Tutys

For TUTYSlinkMaitreya, & -ViSTa Bento Hands

Available at SlackGirl Mainstore: BIRTHDAY Group GIFT, LoveTime, Ligya, Tere, Ballerina Basic, Claw, Rose, RAWR, Bleeding, Stylus, Tied, Camilla & Basic Need Nails for TUTY‘s BENTO Hands ONLY
Available at Events:
CuteBow @ Lost & Found Event
Diana @ eBento
Pam @ A P P L I Q U E
Sinal @ Mesh Body Addicts


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