Skin Fair & Sydd Sinister

Thank you so much Sasy ❤


Sydd Sinister 1
It was a Summer afternoon – well for me it was – landed in a car park outside of a store, there were prestige cars parked parallel to the building, a large flat fronted store with an air of sophistication very evident already. There was a small magazine kiosk on the right as you were about to enter, I remember that because it was the first kiosk I had ever seen other than Second Style, and catered to a whole different side of SL. Entering the store was like a gallery experience. You chose left or right, you did a perfect square of the showroom, as you walked around the centre square. They had perfect lighting and the most beautiful jewellery with a definite cultural theme evident.
Sydd Sinister 2
Ashia joined me, and while we were perusing all the fine pieces this store had to offer, another person entered the store. Now was it…

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