Laptop Update

Laptop in for repairs, currently cannot blog.

Update: 6/20/16

Well some good news. A friend of mine has lent me his laptop until mine is fixed. It’s definitely not great at running SL but for now it will do. I’m able to get some blog posts out. Still very behind and it is very awkward working on a whole new PC, fresh empty copy of Photoshop without any of my Actions but for now I will manage to do my best. Thank you for understanding.


Well for the past couple of weeks my laptop has been in the shop being repaired for what I thought was a simple replacement of the charger port. Well that wasn’t the problem, seems I need a new motherboard. With shipping options for the new motherboard it might not be here till the end of the month. So I haven’t been able to blog and possibly won’t be able to for the rest of this month. Once my motherboard is here though it should only be a day or so to replace it and I will continue my blogging duties ASAP. Currently I am able to login with the Android Lumiya app on my phone but it is limited as to what I can do. I will try to notify as many blog managers/event managers and store creators as possible but please understand the app doesn’t allow for much in the way of searching for people’s names or going through groups to get names and such. I will do my best though and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sydd Sinister


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