For Aeva Heartsick

Tons of skins to how you from Aeva! First up are skins for the For Aeva Heartsick event. You can read all about it HERE! I do hope the goal is reached because Amesha is one of my favorite creators in SL. I think I would die if she stopped making skins! Also the skins have gone from 5 tones to 9! New dark tones and new pale tones!

Hair: Exile & Iconic
Lingerie: Sn@tch

* Aeva – Amesha Jewell


Aeva Arielle Skin
Aeva Arielle

Aeva Lyric Skin
Aeva Lyric

Next up NEW releases in the Aeva mainstore!!

Aeva Elodie
Aeva Elodie

Aeva Lumi
Aeva Lumi

Aeva Soma
Aeva Soma

Aeva Swan
Aeva Swan

Aeva Airelle ~ Gemstone GG
Aeva Airelle ~ Gemstone Group Gift


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