MakeUpMonday 5-21-12

Make Up Monday’s is a new thing I’m starting on my blog, and oops I am already a bit late. I stole this idea from Xaqueline who’s been doing this for awhile and I thought it was a great idea! I think more of us should do this!

MakeUpMonday 5-21-12_1

Skin: the body co. chocolata – bald (golden ebony)

1: duboo.blush blush [tattoo] – Newreem Waffle
2: .:Glamorize:. Awake Makeup – Eyes – yoko.leeeroy
3: cheLLe – (mole) Mole! 2 *right eye* – Lash Xevious
4: cheLLe – (mole) Mole! 5 – Lash Xevious
5: [mock] Mouthy Mock- Oriental Cameo [lip/teeth] – mocksoup.graves

MakeUpMonday 5-21-12_2


One thought on “MakeUpMonday 5-21-12

  1. Oh you’re gorgeous, Sydd, and you found the perfect blush! Thanks so much, I hope we get lots more beautiful avis doing MakeupMondays 🙂


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