My Hair Fair Faves – Long

Hair in order of pics: BC322, Head Mistress Sex Symbol, Head Mistress Wind in the Willows, ploom, Esk-imo,  kik, Exile, Clawtooth Dream Weaver, Clawtooth Take it Easy, LOGO, Magika, MINA, & pr!tty

HF BC322 EMO princess_001

HF l_001

HF Head Mistress Wind in the Willows_001

HF ploom Jasper 2_001

HF Esk-imo Suzy 2.0 Hair_001

HF kik hair-Tilda_001

HF Exile Bailey_001

HF Clawtooth Dream Weaver_001

HF Clawtooth Take it Easy_001

HF Leona_001

HF Magika Hair Luna_001

HF MINA Hair - Famke_001

HF pr!tty  Local Native_001

Hair Fair 1 – Independence @ Iridium
Hair Fair 2 – Oceania @ Platinum
Hair Fair 3 – Carnival @ Rhodium
Hair Fair 4 – Salt Water Taffy @ Osmium

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