Hair Fair 12


Hair: :Zyrra: [Zyrra Falcone]
Skin: -Glam Affair- SofiaV2- Dark – TDR 12 [aida Ewing]
Top: fri. [Darling Monday]


Hair: *BC322 [Komari Mai]
Skin: -Lara Hurley Skin- [Lara Hurley]
Top: fri. [Darling Monday]

Calys Creation

Hair: Caly’s Creation [Calypso Llewellyn]
Skin: Exile [Kavar Cleanslate]
Top: fri. [Darling Monday]

Curio Obscura

Hair: Curio Obscura [Pandora Wrigglesworth]
Skin: [.::CStar::. ] [Unico Solo]
Top: fri. [Darling Monday]
The Curio Obscura hair are interactive, the Carosel spins and plays music, if you touch Puzzle the pieces move and when a friend touches the Telly Tower their profile pic is displayed on one of the tv’s. Upto 15 friends!

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