where in the world has Sydd been?

well my lovely gaming laptop died, well the screen died and the stupid thing has no vga port so i couldnt just hook it up to my pc screen =( so i’ve been on my super duper sloooooooow pc. with my over 85K inventory logging in to Sydd was hit and miss, if i was lucky enough to log in i’d either get the blue screen or i’d instantly crash. other times it just wouldnt log me in at all. mostly i’ve been hanging out on my alt which a few of you have seen inworld Zombie Bmovie. I guess there is a plus side to having and under 15k inv. but with the viewer 2 update i can log into Sydd again, though i stil crash often. i’m going to try to blog some stuff from Sydd but maybe Bmovie wants to come out of hiding? who knows.

i missed most of Shoe Fair, 3 weeks of Sn@tch updates (/me dies) and lots of sales, dressing rooms, fashion houses, 50l fridays and so much more =( and oh god my plurk karma, but im not dead woohoo

❤ Sydd

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