2.1 Tattoo Layer


Already the 2.0 release was great to me because of the new tattoo layer, i LOVE it. but now even greater things with 2.1, wearing mutiples of the same layer, so if you want to wear 5 jacket layer items and 3 shirt layers and 6 undershirt layers all at once? now you can! just “wear” the first “jacket” layer, the for the second “jacket” layer right click and “add”. and so on with all the layers which includes the Tattoo layer, so now you can wear as many different makeups, tattoos, hairbases and whatever else all at once.

i have a lot of skins that i love but just aren’t quite dark enough, sometimes just a shade darker would be great for me, and now because of CK Winx’s awesomeness i can now do that with the new *Linc* Skin Burner xD(UNRELEASED). i have to say i am OVERLY excited about this and i tried not to go crazy with pics but i failed, lots of pics in this post. i really wanted to show how it looks on tons of different skins. i’ve been trying it on with ALL of my skins. I love it.

Linc Skin Burner 1

Linc Skin Burner 2

Linc Skin Burner 3

Linc Skin Burner 4

next are some eye makeups from [Stellar], these are just a few but she has so many colors! and also guy liners for you guys out there. the colors are really vibrant which is great.

Stellar Designer Liner

Nuuna’s Face tattoos can really change the look of your favorite skins and now with 2.1 you can double them up and the possibilities are endless!

Nuunas face tattoo

and if you want to be beautifully sad *Candy Doll* has just released a set of Crying tattoos. in the first picture i’ve layered number 3 over number 1 and i think it really gives it a nice highlight.

Candy Doll Cry Tattoo

and last but not least, a look for ya.


|Style Card|

Hair: MrS– RUNWAY frizzy  hairstyle black (MrSigmund Fride)
Lashes: Exile Lashes: Overdrive, GLOW Studio group GIFT
Tattoo Layer: [LeLutka]-LOLA -Lipstic_Metallic Blue,Nuuna’s face tattoo chin, Nuuna’s face tattoo dotted, Nuuna’s face tattoo futuristic, Nuuna’s face tattoo Eyestripe v2
Shape: My Own
Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLA_dark-base(D Brows)

Top: SOURCE Geometric bodysuit black
Bottoms: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Stockings -Black-

Tattoo: Tattoo Human Code_(darken)_GoK,
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps(Black)

Poses: [LP]
Photostudio: ((Crystal line))Photo Studio


8 thoughts on “2.1 Tattoo Layer”

  1. I’m so glad I checked your blog today! I’m really excited about multiple layers with 2.1 – I’m already using 2.0 and I was disappointed that I couldn’t use my tattoo eyemakeup with a tattoo layer hairbase. I hope this means I can wear both – or more – like a tattoo beauty spot or lip colour as well as my eyemakeup layers 🙂


    1. me too, i always want to wear a hairbase and i also like a beauty spot then all the makeups and tattoos. so far i’ve worn 5 tattoo layers at once, not sure how many more can be worn but 5 is really great already


  2. Those are some beautiful skins you have. I LOVE the Linc skin burner. I use it a lot becuase, like you said, I sometimes want my skins to be a shade darker. It works perfectly. It is a must buy for every female. I’ve also used Dulce Secret makeup tattoos a lot for a change in my skins but they worked only best for light skins 😦 They were a gift in the sub o matic.


    1. you no i actually talked to the owner of Dulce Secrets about that, so check the subscribe history because she redid them so that they work on all skins, and i’ve found more tattoo makeups i will be posting about soon!


  3. I will check the sub o matic again for DS skin. I just realized I can wear more than one tattoo layer! I’m so happy lol. Ty for reminding me here. You just right click your tattoo item, and click “Add”!!! 😉


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