Wu-Tang Shinigami

This post is full of favorites. Purple DK hair, my fave GoK tattoo, My fave SD skin with custom Ichigo Hollow Mask face tattoo & Otaku Designs Shinigami Necklace coz Bleach is one of my favorite Anime. the leopard shoes by Oh Tragedy & Jewelry by Ticky Tacky, i think im really loving this look and this is totally RL me. Oh and i love the Wu-Tang clan! lol & grey is my second favorite color after purple.



Hair: <Deviant Kitties> Izzy – Dark Purple
Eyes: KOSH EYES- 4
Manicure: :::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Grape):::
Tattoos: Garden of Ku – Tattoo Human Code
Piercings: [Von D] Face Bite. & {GG.S} Cheek Labrets – Silver
Shape: Custom Shape by Me
Skin: *Street Dermatology* SPIRIT#1 Sudan v.4.5 {Custom Ichigo Hollow Mask}

Pants: Chikka Design glance jeans Dark Grey

Earrings & Cuffs: *Ticky Tacky* Love Kills
Necklace: Otaku Designs Shinigami Necklace
Shoes: [OHxT] Leolicious


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