Birthday Giftie

I’m either still drunk or hung over from my birthday celebrating last night. I cant tell :/ so i promise to give more details about this later but i wanted to post this awesome birthday gift from Lavea Alter of A-Bomb. I LOVE A-Bomb and you should too! The Dress & shoes are from A-Bomb and awesome new hair from HoM. I also went and hunted down those Dexter nails for you all. The LM sends you to a landing point but just follow the red beacon and you will go straight to them. and they are $0L so you know you want them asap!!

ahhh i blinked!


Dexter Nails

❤ Sydd


3 thoughts on “Birthday Giftie”

  1. Ooohhh, you look so smexy in that dress Sydd! Go girl :-). Isn’t Lavea the greatest?

    Dexter creeped me out, but I watched every episode when it was on “regular” TV. Thanks for showcasing the nails. In SL, anything goes!


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