(IMAGEN) Skin Hunt

As soon as i saw it on The Freebie Telegraph i immediatley threw on an outfit (was in the middle of sorting inventory in the nude) and TP’ed as soon as i could. When i got there already about 9 people were hunting. I scuried around trying as fast i could trying to find the 20 little $1L Shamrocks hidden in (IMAGEN)’s new main store. I helped a few people along the way and of course some people helped me.THANK YOU!!  When i finished i TP’ed home to seen my 19 new (IMAGEN) skins and a set of Green eyes in small & medium. Lovely!! They are all so pretty and i love the makeup. The skins come in 4 shades, Norte 6 of them, Este 7 of them and 3 each of Oeste and Sur(my favorite). The hunt started yesterday and continues up to the 31 so run on over to the (IMAGEN) Mainstore and get them!!

❤ Sydd

Head over to my Flickr and see it full size.

Hair is by Kin


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