Just A Little Something

Recently i’ve gotten to me some of my favorite SL people. While looking around at SimCo i met the fabulous Khitten Kurka! I was super excited to see her but i tried to play cool as not to come off as a total FanGirl. I told her how much i loved her blog and she was surprised, thought she was the only one reading her blog. But no i am a huge fan and i read it daily! Her av is always beautifully put together and how can i not love a sexy African American plus size fashionably attired avatar? She was really a sweetie and i just wanted to give a shot out to her and her blog!

Then while at the Love/Hate HQ with my good friend Goddess, we met Prudence Skytower, one of the bloggers of Love/Hate. Another one of the blogs i read daily. She was great. we talked a bit about the Twisted Hunt and the sale @Skinzors where she got those awesome Love & Hate track jackets Wrenja Posted about here.

I was at my skybox when Miraiwave Iwish of .::Wave.:: sent out a notice about some new tops she added to the store. One was also $1L. I TP”ed over right away and bought the two tops and tons of pants. While there Miraiwave was still in store. I told her how cute everything was and she thanked me for the purchases i made. Well i happened to be wearing a Zebra print dress and we both talked about our love for Zebra print items, and wouldnt you no she dropped me a cute Zebra Luv outfit! How incredibly sweet and very very generous of her! I thanked her many times!! .::Wave.:: is a really cute shop with cute items for really great prices. Miraiwave is also incredibly generous not just to me but to her Group Members and well everyone who stops by the shop. There is a number of $1L items but really everything else is also such a good deal. I bought some great stuff there yesterday which i will blog soon.

Well enough about me, lets see some clothes yes? YES! First up the super cute & sexy outfit from Miraiwave.



  • Eyes: .::PeppermintBlue::. Realistic Eyes05
  • Hair: Exile Gwen Striped: Goth Doll
  • Nails: CaNDy NaiL
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: Bebae Coral *Creme


  • Shirt: .:*Wave.:* ILUV zebra T
  • Pants: .:*Wave.:* ILUV zebra hot shorts


  • Earrings: Ultra Kitty
  • Ring: ::Yellow Jester::
  • Shoes: [CRUSH]
  • Poses: On The Cover Bettie Page Posing Stool

Now i usually don’t stray too much from the two shapes i use regularly. Cupcake & Clarissa both from SuperStar Shapes. But wow OMG this face on this shape by Farah Palmer of RUFFIAN & Fabulously Free In SL is SO ADORABLE!! Its Inspired by blogger Uma. As soon as i saw it posted on FabFree imediatley TP’ed over and snatched it up for $1L! I really do love my curvy shapes and believe me i am PICKY PICKY PICKY about shapes in SL but this one is so adorable. I think i will keep her and put her in my rotation. How can you not love that face??!



  • Eyes: .::PeppermintBlue::. Realistic Eyes05
  • Hair: Wot? Hair 003
  • Nails: Chai
  • Shape: [Ruffian by FP] Liv
  • Skin: Bebae Coral *Coco


  • Shirt: Emery
  • Jacket: (Pixel Dolls)
  • Jeans: Zaara


  • Earrings: /artilleri/
  • Necklace: *Cailyn’s*
  • Shoes: *Dilly Dolls*
  • Poses: +>A&A<+, Ryo Pose Studio, RaySkin

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