Since the day this Lucky Chair opened at Little Britain Designs i have been stalking the chair like mad. I love all the clothes there but this USA Badass set really appealed to me. I’m not very patient and i was starting to give up hope. During my last effort at the lucky chair i decided to browse around the shop. Wouldnt you know it, as soon as i got to the otherside, it’s pretty big, my letter was called, so i tried to rush over to the chair when lag set in and about 20 people TP’ed to Little Britain. I almost died, but i made it to the chair lag and all! and i finally WON! This also gave me a reason to break out some new boots i bought yesterday@The Bobbysocks Shoppe. Let me tell you Prim Resizers are indeed a blessing for a girl with big calves!




  • Eyes: .::PeppermintBlue::. Realistic Eyes05
  • Hair: Mirai Jule
  • Nails: CaNDy NaiL
  • Shape: Clarissa BBW(Modified) – Superstar Shapes
  • Skin: Top Pic: Cupcakes Lovespell
  • Skin: Bottom Pic: LF Chai Cinnamon Crushed (Chai Outlet Skins)


  • Shirt: Little Britain USA Badass
  • Pants: Little Britain USA Badass


  • Tattoo: Neko Wonderland
  • Piercings: [VonD], Neko Wonderland
  • Necklace: ::Violet Voltaire:: Glitterati
  • Earrings: *Ticky Tacky* Love Kills
  • Ring: ::Yellow Jester::
  • Bracelet: ShenS
  • Boots: The Bobbysocks Shoppe
  • Poses: AnuLu, :: MCH ::



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