Have You Been To Meghindo’s Lately?

If not you need to get over there RIGHT NOW! Meg like always has been crazy busy with tons of new skins and there is still more to come!

Meghindo’s – Meghindo Romano

Meghindo's ~ Irina
Meghindo’s ~ Irina

Meghindo's ~ Miranda
Meghindo’s ~ Miranda

Meghindo's ~ Nicki ~ Re-up
Meghindo’s ~ Nicki ~ Re-up

Meghindo's ~ Kattie
Meghindo’s ~ Kattie

Meghindo's ~ Dreea
Meghindo’s ~ Dreea

Meghindo's ~ Rosie
Meghindo’s ~ Rosie

Meghindo's ~ Zaire
Meghindo’s ~ Zaire

December 6th is the friendiversary of MentalKaos & Meghindo and there is a special skin being released called Terdrea which is a mix of their RL names.
Meghindo's ~ Terdrea
Meghindo’s ~ Terdrea

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